Favorite Things

If one begins with an aside, does it count as an aside? Ah, may it be what it is.

I am sitting on the couch with Teresa boo, my sweet recently-turned-7-year-old Thursday night charge. We’re watching Stuart Little, and for the record it’s one of the sweetest, most well-written and intended childrens’ movies I’ve ever seen. I should write a blog about it. This is not that blog.

Earlier, while playing beauty shop (getting red nail polish ALL over my foot) the following exchange occurred:

Me “Teresa, what is your favorite things about God?”
Teresa “That he is real.”

That’s it. Without blinking, thinking, stinking (okay that one was just because I like threes and rhyming) she spit it out. She loves that God is real.

It’s a question I ask a lot. In general, I find asking about people’s favorite things is a great way to get to know people and get ideas about how to love them well. But people’s favorite things about God are usually the kind of thing we concentrate on at KidStuff. People like that God is powerful, and that He can take care of them, and that he forgives, which are all great things about a Great God…

but never once has anyone but this little girl even mentioned, “that He is real.”

I think we take it for granted. It is understood. But There is so much about God being real, Him being true, the one God who reigns and created and loves and IS. All other Gods are false, created by faulty, fallen man.

But our God is real. He’s my favorite.

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