Literacy, Literally.

Point one: Please, parents and caregivers, please:  teach your young charges the truth and proper use of the word literally, and that it means “really,” as in truly.

For example, good uses of literally:  “Paige could not keep her clothes in order this week. Fearing people could see the extra 5 pounds, she  literally changed five times each day, creating a particluar issue when laundry time came around.”  Or, “The children had literally eaten three bowls each of ice cream, prompting the quick rationing of deserts in the household.”

A good time to use the word literally is to cue the reader/hearer in to the fact that we are not exaggerating, that the grandness of the story is true, however implausible.

Examples of bad uses of the word: “My professor has no idea what’s going on in the world today, she’s so stuck in her time.  I mean, she’s literally seven hundred years old.” – A quote, verbatim, from an actress friend of mine. Or  “My eyes are literally bigger than my stomach.” -False, or at the very least cause for serious medical concern (Coincidentally, my mother’s stomach is literally the size of an egg- botches surgeries a few years back). Or, from, ” In 1926, H.W. Fowler cited the example “The 300,000 Unionists … will be literally thrown to the wolves.” “*

It has become common practice, though not accepted grammar, to say literal to mean the exact opposite, to exasperate a point or get attention back to the story at hand.  Let’s not be common. 🙂

And off of my snobby soap box, (how much soap comes in a box you can stand on?) on to the reason of the post. I just returned from a new bookstore, Recycled Books, on Burnet not too far from 183, where I got seven books for $13.  Six of them were hardbacks, and three of them were former best sellers. In the childrens’ section, most reads were only fifty cents! And we’re talking solid, kids-want-to-read-me-books, not the geeky, half-tattered, my-brother-ate-page-twelve selection you’d expect from such a steal! I am not sure if it is just an opening promotion, but they even give away green book bags, the kind you can use afterward for groceries.

As an added perk, they have wi-fi, and super comfy, semi abundant seating (and some open space to sprawl out, should the kids prefer to “starfish” it).

And those, dear readers, are today’s recommendations.

One of the most exciting price tags I've ever seen.
One of the most exciting price tags I've ever seen.


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