Wigs and Beards

For funsies and because of the abundance of yarn, I have taken to making wigs for my small charges lately. Here are two examples.


We  began the endeavor with some gift wrap ribbon for Elaine’s white (sparse) wig but soon gave up for excitement over yarn.  Then she decided to make her own yarn wig while Kellan had me fashion him what ended up being a beard.

seperate head piece and stretchy beard
seperate head piece and stretchy beard

This one was a second try, with Teresa. We made her wig out of a regular, bare headband and her beard out of a stretchy band type, the edge of which you can see on the right.

Here’s a cuter one.

she MEANT to make that face
she MEANT to make that face

Yes, her mother made the same comment that all of you Americans are thinking right now.

Anyway, despite the unfortunate resemblance to he who is so feared, they were a really fun project that could be customized in tons of ways, like length, color, thickness, and I’m pretty sure bangs.  I’ll try that one and let you know how it goes.  As crafts go, it was cheap, fun, versatile, and pretty easy to keep and use later.  And given proper supervision, the kids can do most of it on their own, depending on the length of their attention spans.

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