Ice Cream is a Ball

With Alyssa the other day, we made ice cream.

MADE ice cream.  How, you ask? By kicking a ball around.

Here, let me show you:icream3So whatcha do is put cream, sugar, and whatever else you like in your ice cream (i think next time I’ll look up some healthier options- what we made was probably about 1300 calories a serving, give or take a heart attack) in one end, which has a sort of metal tube thing going on, and then screw on the top.  Open up the other end and put in lots of ice and rock salt, put on the top, and play soccer for ten minutes.

Here it gets a little tricky, because you have to scrape the ice cream off the sides and mix it about with the more liquid-y center.  I’m pretty sure that’s the way they say it in the instruction booklet.  Now you play soccer again. Or chase the bunny with the ball. It’s really sturdy and though i started out unconvinced, we got pretty adventurous toward then end and unless you throw it down a steep concrete hill, I don’t think it will come open. Here’s the money shot.

yummy after shot
yummy after shot

Yep.  You know you want it.  Especially good for needing to get the kids out of the kitchen while you clean up on a warm summer day.

Clean up…. on the other hand….may not be as fun.  I’m not sure because we didn’t finish it. Thank the Lord.

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