My Bobby

My Bobby

This is how I understand the paternal side of my family tree.  My dad’s parents are Willie Nelson Jowers and Wanda June Wooley.  I think PawPaw loved Granny. He must have because he married her when she had a baby and was pregnant by somebody else, which was unheard of there, then.  But after 15 years they got divorced. More precisely she left and divorced him because, “He cursed too much.”  So at this point, Granny had been married to my Aunt Paula’s dad, whose name was L.C. Kerry (when she was 14, when she got pregnant), then my Paw Paw (when she was 18), then to a man named James Clark  (when she was…I don’t know, 40?!)   Then James committed suicide.  I think he might have been on drugs.  So a few years later, she married his 15-years-younger nephew, Bobby Perry(given name) but then stopped getting the government checks for she got for James’ social security.  So she divorced Bobby and just lived with him for the next 20 years.


So growing up, I thought I had a Paw Paw and a Granny and for whatever reason, I also had  a Clara (Pawpaw’s second wife) and a Bobby (who I thought was married to Granny).  And I thought those were their names: Pawpaw, Granny, Clara, and Bobby.


It wasn’t until much later, rather recently, that I even questioned most of it.


Sometimes, I wish I hadn’t.

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