You might want to expect a lot more posts about my support raising adventure. This is for two reasons:

It’s pretty exciting/thought stimulating and

if you’re reading this, it might be because you are PART of my support raising. Woot!

Insert here a pirate-y arrrg! Mostly for funsies and because I’m in a great mood from a night of Sabbath’s rest.
So here’s the meat (or tofu, veggie lovers) of this post:

  • I am support raising, not fund raising.
  • Part of this support that I am inviting people to provide is monetary.
  • A much bigger part is spiritual.  I am asking for prayers, thoughts, interest and love.

See, God’s doing a really big thing in my life right now. It shouldn’t surprise me, since He’s such a big God and loves me so much, but it still catches me off-guard, the sheer grandeur of His plans as they unfold in my story.  And I’m super stoked about sharing the story, complete with rad details like how I just happen to be living with my discipler who is now going to be the preschool minister in the same ministry where I work…

but more on that later. What I really want you to take away is that support is not just something you get from bras…er…I mean… What I really want you to take away is that support is something you’re probably already doing, and if you get a letter, a great way to consider it is as follows: more information on a story you already invest in, actor commentary on a good movie, if you will.

And I’m sure you will.

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