Today I found out that some of the support letters I sent, I have no idea how many, opened in the mail and were delivered as empty envelopes.

My feelings on the subject are documented as follows:

First, the “negative,” (rather insignificant, but should be addressed) I’ll need to spend more time making and sending new ones.

Now, the positive.

  • Part of the support raising process is calling the people to whom you sent letters, following up with them.  This is a scary thing for me. Mostly, because I really dislike the telephone. Why is this small box talking to me?! But also, because I am unskilled at being still or paying attention, and these are important phone calls to make. This will help me have something to concentrate on and hopefully be less awkward.
  • It will be MUCH easier this time, since I’ve got forms for everything and just have to write the personal notes and assemble- no creating templates or editing grammar, just free flowing happy thoughts!
  • It’s a reminder that I’m seriously not in control. I can plan and work all I want and still, I have no real control over the situation, which is pretty freeing. I did what I thought the Lord told me to do. So it didn’t turn out like I thought it would- big surprise. No need to get in a tizzy, I’ll just make sure the next batch get sealed better.
  • There are 48 letters that went out that day. So that means 48 letters I’ll need to print, personalize, assemble, address, and send. BUT, that was only half, because…

Over the last two months, God has been so good to me, especially in the areas of genuine relationships. My support list has literally DOUBLED since I send out update letters in September. Not because I’m a baller, not because I deserve, and certainly not because I’m pulling people out of nowhere (in fact, some asked for a letter and were hurt that I hadn’t already sent them one) but just because He decided to bless me that way. So now I have almost 100 people/families that I know love me enough to care about what’s going on in my life.

I think I’ll make another blog on that, though…

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