Playing With the Squeezy

For most holidays, I don’t make plans: I have options.  This is mostly as a result of the fact that for many years, holiday plans would end poorly, and I would feel disappointed, (but not altogether separate from the fact that I have poor time management when it comes to vacation).  My family has not been blessed with the grace of easy, fun relationships.  (I have not lost hope, though.)

So instead of making plans, I usually work up until the day of the break, and then, once I’m done with my work, I decide where I’m going. Last Christmas, after the  Christmas Eve service I worked, I thought “Oh, I should go somewhere….” So I drove to Castroville in time for midnight mass and spent Christmas with the Zinsmeyers.  Santa found me, somehow, and the next morning I was showered with little lovies.  During college, I often found myself in Houston (because the dorms closed over the break) and realized that there were no celebrations to go to… and just showed up at the Burge’s – and not only was I welcomed, but had a stocking(so thoughtfully filled with NOT chocolate) and gifts under the tree! And I now know with absolute (tested) certainty that any time I want to be with the Guadarramas, they are truly happy to have me.

It’s just one of the blessings I’m thankful for this season, that I am blessed with a plentiful array of wonderful options, and encumbered by non obligations.

and here’s a picture of the option I chose for today.

squeezy, i call it. 🙂

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