Lazy Eye

Random fact number two: i have a lazy eye. It’s the right one.  Totally throws off my eyeshadow application.  And, it looks pretty funky- especially if I’m tired. But the most impressive thing about my lazy eye is that sometimes when I smile, it looks like I’m winking. So I can be walking down the hall at work, pass a gaggle of men, smile to be polite, and actually wink at them.  I’ve had to go apologize/clarify more than once.

I tried to find a picture, but my mom is borrowing my computer, so for now you’ll just have to believe me. Or look at me, if you have that option.

How does this relate to Jesus? Honestly I’d expected to figure that out as I was typing, but it didn’t happen, so I’ll have to ask…..

Dear Lord, what does my lazy eye tell me about you? ::researches::

HA!! lookie here  and here! Apparently I do not have a lazy eye, i just have a droopy eyelid.  So this is what my not-lazy-eye tells me about Jesus:  that often times I will use a word or phrase to mean something that it does not mean. Love is one of those words. I love chocolate, I love Phineas and Ferb, I love you.  No! that word is not one that can be used in all of those circumstances.  The real definition of love is that which God displays.  A droopy eyelid is not a lazy eye and an affinity or preference is not the same as actions made on behalf  of the the object of your love, no matter the cost to yourself.

didn’t see that one comin’, and not just because of the droopy eyelid. ; ) <-  See, he’s got one too.

::edit:: I found a picture!

i was trying to smile. and got a wink.

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