Chicken Noodle Puke

I don’t like chicken noodle soup. Once, when I was 6 (how many posts start out with that? freaking formative year!) I was sick at my dad’s house. I remember laying on the couch watching presidential debates for the ’92 election and being in a lot of pain and wondering about the man with large ears and bank account. I really wanted my parents to vote for him, he seemed nice. So at some point during this sickness, I ate campbell’s chicken soup, and I got sick and threw up.  And to this day, I hate all chicken noodle soup.

I’m basically the antithesis of this.

But, I don’t think it’s the soup that made me sick. I’m pretty sure it was the sick that make me sick. And I hear the soup can actually be quite good, especially the home made kind. But Father help me if it is ever offered to me, I just can’t summon up the courage to try again.

So here’s the situation: I try something that was probably good for me, but outside circumstances make it an unpleasant experience. And instead of choosing to try again, i throw out the baby (tasty soup) with the bathwater (icky vomness).

Which is not entirely unlike my reaction to ANYTHING spiritual.  A lot less now, but commonly in my early Christian walk, if something (quiet times, evangelism, most recently the 12 step program I went through) i tried didn’t seem fun, or in the least seemed unpleasant, I decided it must be because I shouldn’t do whatever it was. I didn’t have the maturity to admit that maybe I wasn’t giving it my all. Lacked the wisdom to try again or try harder or realize that some good things are hard.

Christ does not give us this example. Christ showed a path that was riddled with unpleasant circumstances, not because it was the wrong path (we know instead that it was the perfect path) but because sometimes what’s right and good for you is very very hard. I mean, what’s a little puke compared to sweating blood or a cat-of-nine-tails, or worst of all:  separation from the perfect relationship with the Father He’d known from the beginning of eternity.

that’s random fact #5

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