Scourge. Scrooge!

(And get behind me, Santa!)

I don’t like Holiday Music.  Not “The Christmas Song,” not “I’ll be Home for Christmas,” not even a good ole “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

I like Christmas music. I like music that talks about the miracle of God becoming man, putting on flesh and abandoning his Power and Majesty to walk among the filth, that he might redeem his beloved and bring her back to him. And, therefore, find “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas,” kind of demeaning…unless you mean white as in pure because of the purifying effort of Christ on the cross. Which…. I don’t think ya do.

kinda like this.

Although UNLIKE Piper, I feel rather like a Scrooge, as opposed to a prophet, when the subject comes up. I just think that Christmas music is some of the best music because it doesn’t have to try too hard to be amazing, awesome (literally) even.  And if it’s just going to be pithy, it might as well be Lady Gaga.

Gaga indeed.

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