Coffee Shop Guy

The other day, while out to coffee with my boss, I made a new friend. While Becca and I were ordering, the Barista making the drinks saw the guy behind us, made sure of his order (apparently he’s a regular) and began making it. Which confused the barista taking our order and so he rang up the guy behind us with us.  And said guy, who’s name, it turns out, is Russ, says, “Yeah, you can pay for me.” But we were already rung up.

“I’m so tempted to pay for you.”

“Yeah, do it, you know you want to.”

“OKay! Here’s the rest of my giftcard.” (I love giving.)

“No, that’s okay, I’m okay.”

“Dangit. Rob me of the joy of giving.”

So we are waiting for our drinks and talk a bit about why he’s a regular, and what he’s ordering, because I am either a) too nosy or b) extremely friendly or c) both, and completely socially unaware. And then we say how nice it is to meet each other, and goodbye, and I go sit down with Becca to enjoy some girl time.

But then, a second later, he comes up and says, “I have to go to work, but give me a call sometime.” And extends this coffee cozy with his number in sharpie.  And without thinking, I take it and say, “Okay.” And he leaves, quick quick fast.  So now I want to invite him to something so that a) I’m not rude and b) in case God ordained this for one or both of us to learn something….. but what do you invite a coffee shop guy to do during the holidays?  No, seriously, I’m asking for contributions.

All this says about Jesus is that when I am tip-top full of him, people really like being around me. Even coffee shop guys.

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