We Will Be Your Bra

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Just a quick update- today I got my first two  bits of support. I am current 1/61 of the way to my  fund raising goal. (Neither of them checked the box, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be praying for me too. Should I have a prayer support base goal? Hm…)

I know, that really doesn’t seem like much, but it’s better than zero 61sts of the way there, and I am SUPER encouraged by the two supporters that sent it in.

I was supposed to call and check in with people this week. To be honest, I got really distracted by the move (I am now in a house with my mom) and the surgery (said mom decided to have rather brutal semi-elective surgery yesterday).  I think, however, that I can make calls on Friday.  That will be an excersize in trust and humility!! “Hi, uhm…did you get my letter? Did you want to pray for me over the next 5 months? Did you want to give me some of your hard-earned monies?” Any suggestions?

Also:reminder. Did you get an empty envelope, or no letter at all? I know of a handful of people I promised letters to but never sent. Leave a comment if you are one of those and I’ll get it to you, God willing, if the creek don’t rise!

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