I wrote this yesterday, “inspired” by the news of a dear teacher’s cancer, and my mother’s brutal, though cosmetic, surgery.

It doesn’t go well for Christians.  I mean people who really seek to live according to eh ways set forth in the Bible.  For those who hear the call to give up their life in order to save it, to care for the orphans and the widows in their distress, the beckoning to come and die.  For those people it simply does not go well.

Their bodies are attacked and beaten and broken, their faces and throats slashed.

And their souls are salved, stretched, and strengthened, their spirits lifted high.

Friends and family are torn away – love is proven false with accusations of fanaticism.

And their true helper, redeemer, and restorer are revealed – there is no condemnation for those in Christ.

They starve in the slums of Africa and the wrong side of American tracks.

And dining with Him, they feast at the table of the King.

They become disenchanted with fleeting pass times and meaningless words.

While their time instead gets invested into eternal, never-passing affairs, and the tale of their testimony proves not entertaining, but altering.

They face uncertainty, eventual pain and calamity, they will lose everything.

Their weaknesses will show His strength, the distress of the earth – reveal His perfection.  All that was gain now counted as loss.

They will ache, moan, and mourn in desire for something they can never have.

And he will change them, make them new, all their desires become His, become theirs too.

They will wonder at questions the answers to which they can never understand.

And the peace which transcends all understanding will come upon their hearts and minds and guard them.

They will fail at everything, every time, that they try.

And He will turn all things to the good of those who love him, who are called according to His purpose.

They will despair at their strife and struggles, look around at the state of their world and fall to their knees in pain.

And it is there that they will meet the caller, author and perfecter of their faith, who will bring to completion all the good work He starts in them.

No, it is not “well” that life goes for these.

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