Como un Orphan, Quien no Tiene Zapatos

I usually go about the world barefoot. Recently, I’ve taken to shoes, because when my extremeties are cold it is harder for me to think. And I need to think, sometimes.

But I never wear any sort of footwear while I’m driving. a) shoed feet are harder to stick out the window and b) i’m a gypsy. So a few Sundays ago I was running errands between services and this happens: I park the car and slip my shoes back on (I always just pus them to the side so they don’t get stuck under pedals) and walk to the store. About five steps in I realize something….is not right. And I look down:

I returned to my car to find the following:

I am not fully convinced this has never happened before, although this is the first time I’ve realized it. (Other than going out with COMPLETELY different color flip flops, but that was an easier sell).

Sometimes I just appreciate levity and how much it reminds me of how little actually matters in life.

One thought on “Como un Orphan, Quien no Tiene Zapatos

  1. Maybe you’ll start a trend and everyone will wear odd shoes. It would mean you could leave the house in the morning without really paying that much attention.

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