The Lists

I love lists. You’ve probably noticed my constant bullet- ing if you’ve been reading any amount of posts here lately. Lists help me. According to a very helpful test I took last Spring, I am an energizer. A very small part of what that means is if you give me a starting point for an idea, I’ll have the thing fleshed out with bells before long. But if I never have the starting point, I tend to go a little gaga (not the lady kind).

One kind of list I frequently employ is the to-do.  Which can be great, but can also be a terrible blunt instrument of great destruction. Because what happens when not everything gets crossed off? What do i DO if I  can’t DO it all?! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. (That’s what I do. I make noises. I am a noise maker. I also Break Things.)

My lists have (thankfully) changed over the last couple of months, though. I do this crazy thing where I ask God what he would have me do, and when. Usually, I ask about the whole week, at the beginning of the week. And where there are spaces, I feel free to work ahead or just have fun. Sometimes, also crazy, working ahead IS the fun I have.
Anyway, I have to go check off some tasks. ; ) and I can’t figure out how to un-italicize the text.  So i’m leaving.  Bye.

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