Do you know what a DTR is?

i found this excellent illustration/logo on the interwebs

DTR is shorthand for the “Defining The Relationship” talk.  It’s the talk people have when, uh-oh, they are suddenly unsure what’s going on between them.  All in a rush  she realizes he doesn’t open other girls’ doors, he remembers that she’s doing things she said she’d only do if she was interested, or things are just a little….well… you know.  Here, let me show you.

These two need to have a DTR.  The guy is totally hopeful, but terrified, and she’s pretty sure they have a simple, uncomplicated FRIENDship.  In fact, she probably doesn’t think of it much at all. The problem, however, is that having a DTR is almost universally awkward, and in some cases can go horribly, terribly awry. Like the following:

o.no.you.DI’INT!! I’m guessing either he is telling her that altough he made out with her all through the Holidays (not based on me or anyone I know) he wants to just be friends.  Or perhaps she’s telling him, “I know you like me, but sucka there’s a line.” a la the Nella Furtado line, “I want you on my team/so does everybody else.”

So…this post is really just for funsies since DTR s are spreading like H1N1 around my social circles, so tell me:

What’s your favorite DTR story?

3 thoughts on “DTR

  1. Spreading like H1N1?!? There’s a thought.

    Question: “Why would you want me to take a walk in the dark in three inch heels?
    Answer: DTR

    It’s only funny cause it ended well. Otherwise–I’d have been lost in the dark, cold, and still wearing three inch heels.

  2. laying together, after being super physical for a long time, on my birthday…

    he rolls over, softly says, “Do you know what I really want?”

    …i’m thinking…to try this again? to be together and love each other and make this the most amazing relationship we’ve ever seen?

    i say, “what do you want?”

    “i really want to see milk come out of a woman’s breast.”

    needless to say, there wasn’t much of a conversation after that. 🙂

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