Daddy Loves Me

Today is the the 50th anniversary of the day God brought into the world Timmy Nelson Jowers, my sweet Daddy.

In honor of that, here are the top five things I love about him

5. I can call at any time, and even if he’s groggy, he’s happy to talk about any old thing.  3am and my headlights just went out? Good time to call. Noon and I’m bored?  Good time to call.  Driving and have 5 seconds just to say I love him and miss him? Good time to call- and to hear that I should call more.  He’s the most reliable phone answerer EVER. It shows me a wonderful example of God’s love- that He’s always happy to hear from me, and always wished to hear from me more often.

4. He’s funny. Seriously, trying or not, my father is hilarious! He doesn’t take anything too seriously (unless it’s me stopping in Memphis on my way to see him) which shows me two of God’s attributes: that He can and does delight in things and that He can do so easily and not be callous because He can see the BIG picture.

3. He has great stories! “‘Manda, I ever tell you about that old man took me out in the woods to kill me?” 😉 Not only has he lived a rather adventurous life, but he’s got a voice like a train that just draws you in to hear more. God’s story is like that- wild and adventurous, and with tones that tell you you might outta stay a while and hear the rest of the story.

2. He is humble and content.  My father has about every part of his body affected by some kind of sickness, and in the years since his decline in health, I have never heard him complain. Ask for water or offend someone and blame it on morphine- yes 🙂 but complain, NEVER.  He is an AMAZING example of counting your blessings and truly believing “It ain’t nothin’ but a thing.”  He suffers really well, and that’s a hard thing to find in this world, but a very Biblical thing to do.

1. This one is pretty selfish, but i love love love the way my Daddy loves me.  He was the first man to love me, and by far the one who loves me the greatest.  His love means he cares about me, wants to know what’s going on in my life, will make any sacrifice he can on my behalf, always wants to give me more. Nothing I can do will change his love but because he loves me he will ALWAYS ask the most of me, wanting nothing less than a life lived completely, with no opportunity for being great left behind.  His love manifests in calls, gifts, playing his guitar even when he doesn’t want to, singing sweet songs on my voicemail, squinty looks when I say something he thinks unwise, and about 17 and one half million other things.

The moral of the story is I love my Daddy, and I’m glad my Father gave him to me for another year!

we hang out in hospitals.

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