Fancy Title About Dating

You know what isn’t as easy as I thought it would be?  Dating.

Some day, I’ll be able to tell these stories with details, but today is not that day. Today is the day that I’ve been dating someone for a week, and we’ve already had, what… four fights? We were really good as friends. As friends, we saw each other when we did, didn’t when we didn’t.  We had fun when we hung out and the biggest question I had was why he couldn’t get the clue that seriously, he shouldn’t say these things, cause they sounded like he was flirting.  (It’s becuase he WAS flirting, who knew?)

Anyway, I’m not going to catalog all the ways we are amazingly different or how we have no idea how to speak to eachother, or even how NONE of this was something I saw coming, I’m just going to give you this:

just becuase it’s so darn cute.

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