“The Word” on Single’s Awareness Day

This is on the docket for this week’s “Word” at KidStuff. Oh and for the record, we currently use a curriculum from Orange called “252 Basics” and build off a structure they publish. The Virtue and Bottom line ideas are theirs, the script is what I wrote.

The Word02.14.10

Virtue: Honor—letting someone know you see how valuable they really are.

Bible Story: The Brotherhood (David and Jonathan) • 1 Samuel 20: 16-32

Bottom Line: Honor others more than yourself.

SFX – Your “Word” music.

Storyteller enters.


Hey everyone. Good morning and Happy Valentine’s Day.  I know, I know, Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday we usually talk much about at church, but it’s a fun day.  You might think “Ew, romance, gross.” Which is good. Cause romance is gross until you are like…35 years old.  But I like Valentine’s Day because it’s a day when we can honor or friends and the people around us in a fun way.  I mean think about it, what does it mean to honor someone?

CG- Honor—letting someone know you see how valuable they really are.

Right! And one way we can let someone know we see how valuable they are is with our words.  So on Valentine’s Day, you can make valentines cards for people around you to let them know that you see how valuable they are.  Today’s story, though, doesn’t involve a Valentine’s card. In fact, today’s story is from thousands of years before Valentine’s Day even existed!  Does anyone remember what the story is for today? Pause for answers.   That’s right, upstairs you read about two friends: Jonathan and David.  The Bible tells us that Jonathan was the son of the King, Saul, and that means what? What does it mean when you are the son of the King? Pause for answers. That’s right, it means that you are the prince, you will be the next king. So Jonathan grew up, his whole life, knowing that after his Daddy wasn’t king anymore, he was going to be the next king. Some of you might know now that you want to be inventors, or singers, or football players when you grow up, but that’s not what is was like for Jonathan. He didn’t grow up just HOPING to be king, he KNEW he would be king. Because that is what happens to princes. Usually.


But something happened. Remember that Jonahtan’s dad, the king, was Saul. And during today’s story,  was Saul a good king, according to God? Pause for answers. No, Saul disobeyed God, and so God said that Saul was going to stop being king, and that David was going to become the new king. But wait a minute, didn’t we just say that Jonathan was going to be the next king?

Imagine how you would feel, if your whole life people told you that you were going to get to do something REALLY cool, and REALLY important, and then one day God said that His plan wasn’t for that to happen?  How would you feel? How would you react? Pause for answers.


So Jonathan is growing up, thinking he’s going to be King, which has GOT to be cool because you get really good food and every one is nice to you and you get to be in charge.  And then he meets David, and the Bible says they were friends. In fact is says they were such good friends that they promised to each other and to God about how much they loved each other!  In fact when David asked Jonathan for a favor, “Jonathan said to David, “I’ll do anything you want me to do for you.”” (vs 4) That’s a really strong friendship.  But it gets even stronger.


See, our story is about how Jonathan honored David even more than himself.  Because, remember what we learned last week? We learned that God had chosen David to be the next king. And when Jonathan found out that God wanted to make DAVID the next king, which meant that Jonathan didn’t get to be king, did he pout? Did he throw a fit? Did he do ANY of the things that we said we would do if it happened to us? Pause for answers No, in our story we see that instead of those things, Jonathan did everything he could to protect David.


Which bring us back to our bottom line for this week, that if we want to honor people, or show them that we see how valuable they really are, we need to


CG- Honor others more than yourself


Jonathan showed that he saw how valuable David really was because he protected him, even though that meant that Jonathan wasn’t going to get to be King. Do you think that was easy for him? Pause for answers.  Well, I know one thing, if Jonathan didn’t love God or trust him, it would have been very very hard! Just like it’s hard for us sometimes to honor others.  If we are just thinking about what we want, or just thinking about ourselves, it is very hard to see how important others are.

That’s why we HAVE to depend on God to help us honor others, especially to honor others more than ourselves.

In a minute, we are going to go back to our classrooms, but first I’m going to pray, and then when you go back, I want you to talk about ways you can honor others more than yourself.  Can we all close our eyes?

SFX- Thirteen

Dear God, thank you for the Bible, and for the story of David and Joseph, for teaching us that we need to honor others more than ourselves, and that we can only see how valuable and important people are when we depend on you.  I pray that you will help all of us to learn more about honoring others and depending on you. We pray all these things to you because Jesus died for our sins, and we can talk to you. Amen.

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