He Holds Your Face and Tells You

This is a little more intimate than I usually like to get. Usually, I like to keep blogs to the funny, the “i just noticed,” or the slightly removed. For instance I’d far rather share a story of my mom’s childhood, even my own, than a story of what happened last week.

And I don’t like romance.

But at the moment, I don’t feel very good (allergies) and I’m trying to remember some things. I’m trying to remember that my boyfriend adores me. That though unlike most days, he has not sent me several texts telling me so, but he has been thinking of me all day. That God called me to date this man (did i ever tell you that story?) and that I am impossibly blessed to be, in whatever silly 21st century capacity, attached to him (While keeping a firm vision of the fact that All I Am is God’s).

And the thing is, I take the man for granted pretty much every moment he is not standing in front of me strumming his guitar and sharing his heart. But he is good at caring for me. He’s good at feeling it and he’s good at showing it. And I am very bad at remembering.  Yesterday at church, though, we began a series on Biblical Manhood, and one of the things covered was a list of ways men are called to lead- and often don’t.  One of the examples was men who do many things to provide, but “you cannot remember the last time he held your face and said, ‘Darlin’, you’re the only one for me.’ ”

enter….thisNo, it’s not exactly what Matt described. Which is good because gracious, we’ve only been “dating” for a few weeks! But I like to look at it and remember that God loved me first, and C adores me next. And a lot. And almost every time he says goodbye, he hold my face and says, “Beautiful girl…” and well, that’s as much as I’d like to share.

What’s something you’re prone to forget, but wish you were better at appreciating, about the people in your life?

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