Update on Support

Today a friend messaged me to ask me “what do you need financially?”  What a sweet and beautiful surprise, to be so directly cared about.  Some of you are probably wondering too.

Here was my answer to her:

hey lovey. I am well, busy as always but very happy. the biggest thing i’ve been unsure and praying about is that i’m still about $5000 short of my fundraising goal this semester- which is beautiful because it means that people have given almost $3000, but also means that my last packcheck was last week, and I don’t know what’s going to happen now. All I know to do is send a few letters that were requested, and then start checking in with people I sent them to to see if they needed a reminder. That pretty much describes my finances right now.


If you are confused about the process, let me explain. When the support process began, my supervisor and I sat down and made a goal for me, based on what I needed to make each month to pay my bills, tithe, and rent.  We took into account that I also make some of that through my other jobs (I only spend about 30 hours a week, unless a special event is coming up, working at the Stone).  So then we took the amount I need per month, added in insurance (which I did not previously have) and admin fees (in order to allow for more interns to work there, ASCC has to build our taxes etc into our fundraising) and multiplied by 5, for my 5 month contract.  Each paycheck I take home (twice monthly) iss $500 ($888, then taxes, admin, and ins are taken out, so I take home $500).  

Those of you suporting me monthly- that money will still come to me! As much as you give comes to me!  I will let you know if something changes, and ASCC will never hold money that you sent in for my support. Those of you praying – I appreciate it! Keep it coming.

Right now, I’m pursuing the options I listed above.  Other ideas?

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