“Learn me something, Mi’ja”

Growing up, if my grandmother needed to learn how to do something (change the cables for the TV, turn on a computer, fill out a form in confusing English) she would ask us to “learn her” how to do it.  She knew it wasn’t proper grammatically, but she’s funny. She’s also say things like “food me,” when she wanted us to grab her an apple, or “dare ya though,” if we’d done something well.  Of all the people she ever asked anything though, she was least likely to ask me to “learn her.”

Because I am not a good teacher.

Well, I wasn’t. The change ocurred (noticeably) in my life when I first started tutoring with Rev Prep (one of my three part-time jobs) back in May.  I don’t know WHAT possessed me to even apply for this job, since it consisted entirely of teaching, either in class room or one-on-one settings, but I did. And I got it.

God started a major work in me. I went from not being able to stay on track and generally using terms and language that no one understands to being the teacher people WANTED to hire to teach their kids.  It’s  a good thing, because now I teach pretty much any time the kids I am with are awake.   Enter three really nice compliments I got this week after teaching the “Word,” in KidStuff.

#1 – Sgt Stovall, a Police Officer who stays in KidStuff to help ensure security. (Its hard to otherwise monitor in the choir room. ) “I’ve never seen you talk to the kids before. You’re really good with them. You do a good job disciplining, too!”

#2- A mom who is new to the church and stayed during the lesson to hear me teach. “Oh, you’re KidStuff! I love KidStuff, I loved hearing you teach today!”

Both very sweet and not at all typical, and then yesterday I got this:

Wow.  You wanna talk about a “learn me something,” that MEANS something, the compliment of a class of girls saying that I communicate in such a way that helps them understand…

There is no explanation other than the work of te holy spirit. Cause I used to be bad, y’all, really bad. I couldn’t have taught a man to look at a girl in a bikini, or enjoy a prime rib, much less a hundred kids about the Bible.  Amen Lord, on working a miracle in me, every day.

Also, if you want to learn ACT or SAT prep, I’m a Holy Spirit led ace. Gimme a holla.

eeeeempty space via photo insertion. sorry about that.

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