My car’s name is Bruce, Bruce the blue Spruce, because he is blue, and Bruce Willis makes me giggly.

Two weeks ago, I did Bruce very wrong. I was sitting at a light, in the left turn lane, and the light turned green. The first three cars in line started to go. I started to go. The fourth car, the car in front of me, did not start to go. CRUNCH.

It would make more sense if I could explain it with my hands, but long story short I had to weave around then in front of the car I hit, turn left onto the street, and then pull over. I stopped and waited for (literally) a few minutes, but the other car never came. So I continued on to work (car working the same, but looking like a hot mess) and when I got there, called the Bee Caves Police Department. I told a very surprised officer that I had gotten in an accident and if anyone reported it, I wanted them to be able to get my info. My horror was at thinking that perhaps, these poor people (though I did no visible damage to their large SUV when i esssentially ran a bit under it’s back bumper) would think that i hit-and-ran.  I just think that would be a very bad feeling, like being stolen from. Plus at the time, I thought I had full coverage, so there was no reason NOT to be a responsible adult.

ooooh, the thought plickens.

I did NOT have full coverage. Come to find out, despite paying for it every month through a third party, said party totally canceled my insurance 3 months ago. Ohhhhh…. right. Did you know there are severe financial penalties for not carrying continuous insurance?

Now it was my turn to deal with feelings:  I could either feel angry, hurt, and betrayed at the fact that I was put in a very precarious position, or I could look past the immidiate and to the manifold provisions afforded me.

Let’s make a list!

  1. Had the other vehicle stopped, I would have given them what I thought was legit, but would have turned out to be fraudulent information.  God saved me from a ticket for hitting them, a ticket for no insurance, and having to deal with whatever assessment was made with their vehicle.
  2. He also saved me from remorse or guilt in that he led me to report the accident BEFORE i knew i didn’t have insurance (saving me the fear and temptation to not report it based on my insurancelessness)
  3. I went to a body shop where with a TON of discounts (this dude really wanted to help me out- I can wholeheartedly reccommend Collision Point on St Elmo’s in south Austin) i still would need $1600 to fix the issue. And I’d need it all at once.  That’s WITHOUT cosmetic fixes, just to make the hood functional and pull the frame back out. But then I went to my uncle’s hole-in-the-wall shop. I’m pretty sure he’s not charging me for something, but he’s going to do the work for $930.  And, he’s letting me make no interest payments. “Just whenever you can, mi’ja.”
  4. A friends of mine heard what happened and gave me, for Easter, an egg with a $100 check, “Hope this helps with the car!” in the memo line. Goodness!
  5. Bruce is still running.
  6. C is taking me to drop the car off on Sunday, and between him and S, my discipler and friend, I’ve got rides everywhere I need to go while Bruce is getting his hair did, as t’were.  (sp?!)
  7. I found out now, instead of later, when it could have been much worse, that I didn’t have insurance. I was able to purchase some, though very much more expensive, no where near as bad as it could have been. I’m also relatively painlessly unaffiliated with the third party now, and it’s nice to have that clean break.

Number 8. is the most significant. God TAUGHT me through this. And I’m pretty sure the lesson is going to stick. See, we all know I’m not swimming in the benjamins. In actuality, I’m not even swimming in the Washingtons (he’s on the $1, with his cute little Bozo coif). But this accident was ALL MY FAULT.  I was simply NOT paying attention. I wasn’t messing with my phone or radio, I just didn’t pay enough attention. And if that’s what I do when I’m not distracted….. Well let’s just say, I’m making serious efforts at making my car a no-phone-zone. I’m also seriously praying over radio usage.  (Partly from this, partly from the chapter I just read in Celebration of Discipline over Solitude.)

The consequence of this mistake is that I will have even less free income. And what do I do with my free income? Well I’m pretty darn spoiled, so I didn’t have lofty big-purchase goals, but I was really hoping to sponsor a compassion child, and to have the flexibity to bless others. I will not have that opportunity now. God’s work will still be done, his plans will not be thwarted… but my mistakes and bad behavior mean that I don’t get to be part of that. At least not right now. It stings, but it’s a good and merciful discipline, and it’s one for which I am grateful. I know that this discipline really means he’s saving me from something else that would have been much worse.

All Glory and Honor forever to the one who provides in every good and perfect way, who continues to shower me in favor, bring the sun up and down each day, and loves those he’s created for His glory, and will not let one who is called pass without knowing Him. And thanks to H, for walking out the door and saying, “RITZ, did you hit something?!” and reminding me to post about this.

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