I asked God, starting back in August, to make me pure.

There wasn’t so much a particular impurity I wanted removed. More that as I began to understand purity to be freedom from all but one thing, I wanted to be free of all things but the life I am called to in Christ.

He gave me discipleship, and recovery, which each brought into my life goodness, accountability, confession and healing.  Many of my persistent sins have seen death and are being held far from me. But one i neglected to relinquish: finding validation in the praise of men. Specifically male men.

So he gave me an affection for one in particular, then, in perfect faithfulness, took him away. So now the affection of the man I want I do not have, and the affection of all other men I do not want.

Which is surely not the way I would have handled the situation, but He is Good and I am wicked, and I far prefer His way….even when I don’t. 🙂  The way of love, peace, patience….

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