Someone telling their story once said, “This is my story, these are my memories, this was my life. Others may have different memories and perspectives and that is okay, because that is their story. But this one is mine.”

Sometimes it’s hard to tell a story, becuase you don’t want to slander. Sometimes, some things, you just can’t share. It’s just not beneficial. And our words are supposed to build up and encourage.  So some things, I will not share. And that’s a little hard on me because… I like precise language and full disclosure. Otherwise, it feels like getting an “I” on your report card. You don’t even get to get a grade, it’s just incomplete.  I never got an “I” but I would have flipped if I had. I have to wrestle the part of me that says it’s lying.

The point is, I pray that my stories may edify, that my lessons may serve you, that my triumphs may brighten your day. Because more precisely, they are not mine, but God’s. But please remember that always, stories here on earth, no matter from whom they come, will always receive an “I.” Tell them and enjoy them that they may point others toward Christ and beyond that- just let them go.

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