Quest for Love

I’m reading an amazingly insightful and equally unfortunately titled book by Elisabeth Elliot. It’s….sort of a sequel to Passion and Purity.  The following are a few quotes that have really stuck out, so far.

“He did not want to relinquish her, but he willed to be made willing.”

“Perhaps he will not [take away the burden or desire with which one struggles] in order that we may understand what it means to be “poor in spirit,” – aware of our essential poverty and helplessness.”

“Whatever befalls us, however it befalls us, we must accept it as the will of God.”

“Where’s the persistence, the determination, to win a girl’s heart and trust, cost what it will?”

“If he asks us to take up our cross daily, he is asking us to be willing to suffer.”

“The whole basis of that is wrong, looking for someone who will meet your needs and satisfy you, instead of looking to give and love and truly build up.”

“Nobody really knows how to behave.” (That one’s just funny out of context.)

” “Can I be trusting God and still aching to be with that wonderful girl?” Of course. When we have committed desire to Christ the desire does not necessarily fade, but it no longer dominates.”

“It is no good praying, “Lead us not into temptation,” and then walking straight  into it.”

In other quote news, one of my favorite new song lyrics is from the album “Into the Morning,” from Ben Rector. I’m not sure the name of the song, but the Lyric is “I watched the leaves fall //all of the way to the ground.//And I knew that this was what love was//to die so that it could be found.”  Another song cutely says “A is for all that you’ve done for me//Being with you’s the only place I wanna be//Seeing you’s the only the I wanna see// cause loving you is easy.” Clearly, not all up for the pulitzer. But great for a drive in the sunshine.

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