Hey, You

Dear Person(s?)  who is catching up on my blog: I know you’re there, because wordpress just showed me an insane spike in my readership. A few things:

  • I think you’re lovely. I think you are uniquely made with a purpose and to experience that in any manner is a gift. And if the people around you don’t know it, it’s not because it isn’t true. I hope I get the chance to show you love some time.
  • You may leave me comments telling my if you like a post. You may also do the same if you see fallacy/pride/poor grammar. Conversations are far more interesting than monologues.
  • Thank you for having interest in the story God is writing through my life. I pray that God uses every word to edify you and tender your heart toward the Love he’s pouring out for you.
  • Hughughughug.


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