You Look like You’re Thinking

Once, in high school, a choir director stopped the rehearsal and said,

“Ritz, you look like you’re thinking. I’m glad that you’re thinking. I want you to think. I just don’t want you to look like it.”

My thinking face must be disconcerting, because I’ve had relatively the same thing happen with college professors and even my pastor during a staff meeting.

I make other ugly faces, too. Like the “really excited,” face where I basically look like my jaw might unhinged and I will consume you as a snake does a mouse. This probably has nothing to do with the next fact, but since I keep saying “face,” I’ll go ahead and tell you, I think I have “your face” disease. Do you remember when you’d say something, and then to make it an insult, the reciever would say “your face?” Here’s how it went with my friends.

“You’re going too slow.”
“Your face is going too slow.”
“Your MOM is going too slow.”
“Your MOM’S FACE is going too slow.”

And I am now a “grown” woman. And I still say “your face,” all the time.

Which is silly. Since, now we see in a mirror dimly, but then….oh then, face to face.

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