Wish List Update

A few weeks ago, I published a wish list blog. At the time I was honestly scared about it. I just didn’t see God likely delivering on all of those things very soon, and like “believers” sometimes do, I stepped out timidly. But I did step out, and I asked God for the following :

  • a computer for work and grad school. I currently work completely off a public computer at the offices.
  • 4 new tires. Mine are about to die a scary death and new ones will, at the cheapest I’ve found, be $400.
  • The money to get Bruce fixed. ($1000 deductible)
  • A tear down leader for Kidstuff sunday afternoons.
  • A Kidstuff skit writing team
  • replacements for the production members leaving this summer. (with those things, I will be fully transitioned from Production intern to childcare and special events intern)
  • a smooth move and fun living environment as I move to the Far West area to live with my soul twin,S

And this is how things have gone:

  • This morning, out of NOWHERE, my daddy called me and said, “I just wanted to tell you that I am going to buy you a new computer. I’ll send you the check for the money.”
  • The man who told me I need new tires lied. I don’t.  So that was taken care of.
  • Bruce only cost me $600 out of pocket to fix. I’m pretty sure this means that my uncle, who fixed the car, didn’t charge me for $400 of labor. I also just-so-happen to have that money. I am not paying rent anymore (for a few months) and I’ve been able to live very frugally, so I was fine. Just wrote a check and walked out.
  • C H, a guy who “just wanted to get plugged in somewhere” is now our teardown leader and works tech at the 11:15
  • The KidStuff writing team has soared from 1 to 7 in just the first few weeks of sign ups. They should take over at the end of the month.
  • We’ve gotten apps in for new skit team members!
  • Living with S has been the most peaceful and affirming living situation  I’ve had in a long time. It’s just home, for now, and everyone seems comfortable there. (People are always over). I even like the dogs. But don’t tell them that.

This is part of why I think it’s important not to be anxious, but to just stinking tell the Lord what you want. Either he’ll say no and you’ll know it’s best and can stop worrying about it, OR HE MIGHT JUST SAY YES. Just ask him. You’ll probably be surprised by how He answers so abundantly. And let me encourage you to open your mind that he might just bless you like crazy, but you’ve got to shift your eyes back to the heavens to see him to it.

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  1. Ritz! I always tell you that I am entertained by your tweets. This time, I am extremely encouraged. Thanks for being honest and reminding us what faith can look like!

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