Letters to a 16 Year Old pt1

One of the church’s youths recently asked me via facebook:

“What is your background like? What lead you to wanting a relationship with Christ? And what are your views on dating and purity by the way?”

They were good things to figure out, how would I want the 16 year old version of me to have thought of these things? The next few days will be a series of how I answered.


My background is like a sitcom that makes  you constantly say “come on, no way.” but gets great ratings. My dad is a biker from Tennessee. He calls himself a hillbilly. He’s hilarious, he’s a genius, and he’s struggled with drugs for the last thirty five years, even though he’s only 50. My mom is Hispanic and has never taken anything not perscribed by a dr … Except a penicillin shot once in Mexico when my grandmother made her. 🙂 they both come from very rough, broken backgrounds, so I grew up around drugs, crime, promiscuity, broken promises and money worries.

Bu when I look back, there is no moment where I can’t see that I was ALWAYS the blessed, beloved one of God. I’ve experienced grace and favor in so many ways- people who know my background are always astonished at how I “turned out.” which helps me spread the gospel! “how did you become you?” “jesus! He’s the only possible explanation ” sometimes people roll their eyes… Till they spend long enough with me to realize it’s true.

Scholastically, I’ve always done very well, even though I am dyslexic. Socially, I was an outcast until high school, when I lost 50 Lbs, grew 5 inches, and became the belle of the ball. Since then, I’ve been blessed to be friends with almost everyone I meet. I’ve been better loved than most people can ever claim. Of course that also means I’ve been taken more advantage of (pretty much just a function of knowing that many ppl) and that a lot of the people who love me don’t get as much attention as they truly deserve.

That’s all way off-the-cuff, just had a minute and wanted to answer you a bit while I had a sec. I’ll answer the rest later. :)”

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