Letters to a 16 Year Old pt 2

The thing that brought me to Christ is kinda hard to describe. Basically, I’d known God since I could remember, but I didn’t know Jesus in his person hood. The moment I became aware of my salvation (since the elect have been predestined since before the formation of the earth, Eph 1) was Jan 21,2001. That was the first time I ever knew Jesus rose from the grave, and surprisingly I’d been going to church for almost a year. In that moment it all made sense and I’ve known, without fail, ever since, that I am his and he is mine and that is THE most important thing in life. Figuring out how to live in every moment with that as the most important thing…. Will take more than my lifetime. But he has been faithful in his perfection of growing and protecting me, and our relationship is very intimate and very sweet. I think my relationship with the Lord is the most amazing gift I could ever get, and I know that sometimes, he may choose to communicate differently with me in order that he be better glorified and I better sanctified, but so far our relationship has been continually characterized by his constant caring and communication. He comforts me, leads me, loves me, teaches me, brings me joy. There is never a moment I look to him that he does not allow me to know, in so many ways, that he is with me. Most of the troubles I have in life arise from not acknowledging that fact, trying to get by on my own

K, I have to go garden. 🙂 but I’ll get to dating &purity next time.

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