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I’ve been waiting to post anything about this until I KNEW what to post. And now, finally, I can!

Peace, Grace, and Love, My Friends!

Since you’ve last heard from me, God’s perfect faithfulness has taken me all over the place. I’ve moved homes twice, gotten into grad school, and worked myself out of one job and into another.  Nothing like being a gypsy!

As many of you know, I was the Production Intern for The Austin Stone from Sept 2008 – May 2010. In fact, you may have already supported me through prayer, funds, both, or other funsies. And over time, God did amazing things through the internship (both in and through me), He also raised up a team of people who I trained to take over my role. It was my JOY to work on and then hand over a program and see it flourish in the hands of others who love God and the kids so much. But for now, I’m writing about my next big adventure!

Starting in August, I am signed on for a year-long level one internship. This means that from August 2010 – August 2011, I’ll be the Childcare Intern (a position cooked up by God and named by my boss just for me)! Let me ‘splain the change:

For the past several years, as the ministries of The Stone have grown, more childcare needs have arisen. Currently, all but our first three services on Sunday are “Childcare-Only.” This means that anything we do outside of the 9, 11:15, and 5 o’clock Sunday services does NOT include teaching, just childcare. Though we’ve created safe and loving environments, we have not taught. We love hanging out and playing, but many of the kids we see at childcare don’t have any other exposure to the Gospel! This is a fact that has long grieved our hearts, but we’ve never before had any way to rectify the situation. Enter: God’s new direction for yours truly. The purpose of this new internship is to develop programs and teams for all of our current childcare opportunities so that children who come to ANY Stone event will leave having heard the Good News of Christ!

The crux of this busy situation, my friends, is this: I cannot continue to work at the Stone and faithfully do work on a grad school program if I do not reach my fundraising goal by August 31, 2010. Yep, you read right, we’ve all (the Holy Spirit, my bosses, and I) decided that this is only something we can commit to if I can faithfully do it without having to rely on other jobs to support myself. It’s not that I don’t enjoy tutoring, nannying, cleaning houses, and other such oddities, it’s just that my heart and spirit long to pour completely and faithfully into ONE job, especially when God has provided a way for my academic career to be so complimentary.

So here it is: I’ve got to raise $34,000 (either promised or given) by August 31, 2010. Of this,approximately $12,000 will pay taxes, admin fees, and insurance (it’s expensive raising support!) and $22,000 will be my yearly salary to live on. It seems like so much, but I am effectively raising a missionary salary, so that I can devote full time hours to taking the Gospel to kids who often have no other access to it. I am asking that you all fervently pray about being involved in this endeavor, in ANY capacity.  I desperately long to see ideas of bringing the Gospel to otherwise unreached children come to fruition, but I CANNOT do it on my own.  There are a few things included with this letter to help you join me. As always I’d love to hear from you, so keep in touch. 🙂

Thanks so much friends, I can’t wait to hear back from you.

2 thoughts on “New Internship

  1. Congrats, Love. So happy you are doing something so close to your heart. Package will be sent from TN to TX before I leave for Bogota! Te prometo!

    1. Oh Sweet one, thank you so much! I am overwhelmed by the support of the ones God has caused to love me. You are a salve to my soul, friend. mwah mwah.

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