Sooo… Amongst many reasons, my big prayer for the summer is that God will raise the $34k  previously mentioned for my internship next year.

One of the reasons is because I am taking two (just roll with it) classes over the book A Praying Life by Paul E. Miller.  In one of the classes, the teacher (My friend, Angela) gave us this class-long assignment:

“What is one BIG BOLD prayer you will commit to praying for the duration this group?  It must be related to a change or something you desire for Him to do in YOUR life.”

A lot of the book is about learning to talk to God like your Daddy, being real with Him, not hiding behind the facade of holiness often  found in intercession for others or simple lack of requests. So she wants us to ask for something we care about, something risky, something for OUR lives in which we are invested.

Something like the job and community and mission with which my heart is so deeply entwined. Like $34k.

So that’s my big prayer, right? But the first time I REALLY asked it, out loud and in front of people, committed to asking, was yesterday morning at the end of our first class.

Then, yesterday afternoon, I had a fund raising meeting at the office. To be nakedly honest, I didn’t think I was going to learn anything. I didn’t think I had much to learn. Why? Because I’m a prideful jerk who didn’t deserve to be saved but God chose me and there is NO arguing with that guy. 😉

And I get to the class, and one of the pastors, a man with a LOT to do and not a lot of time to do it, spent about an hour and a half lovingly and patiently explaining the situation and the coming opportunities.



See, I had $650/month budgeted in my fund raising goal for rent. Which, cummulatively, is $7800, and when multiplied by the mulitiplier to account for taxes and admin, is just over $10k. But starting with my contract, housing is going to be provided by the program. So I don’t have to pay rent. So I don’t have to raise the money to pay rent!!!

So in about 4 hours, God took care of about a third of my HUGE prayer. I mean, still support me. I still need the other $24k.  But GOODNESS, I just had to share. Thanks for the prayers I know you are praying, friends. Hear the song of praise, know, and believe. Love you.

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