How To: Support

Sometimes I’m a sillydumbface. Thanks for loving me anyway!!

Here are TWO ways you can support RIGHT NOW

1)Pray your stinkin’ tail off. Beg God. Because He’s gonna do it and you’re gonna be so happy you got to be part of it.

2) send a check to

Austin Leadership Institute
Attn: Kay CLow
1033 La Posada Dr Ste 210
Austin, Texas 78752

with INT-3-94 in the memo line

And starting August 15th, you’ll be able to give and commit ONLINE! This is a HUGE blessing, the IT gurus at the office actually had to write the software themselves. (Thanks Sarah, for keeping the computer genius a happy and capable man.)  But if you’d like to make planned support known now (and have helpful reminders in the future) you can go ahead and send me a note letting me know. And by note I mean: any form of communication.

3 thoughts on “How To: Support

  1. I don’t know how supprtive I’ve been this week, but this has been a kick in the pants. I needed that, so thanks. 🙂 Praying for you.

  2. Online support… NOOOOOOO. I think people should know what it’s like to give and feel the giving part of it, not for prideful things, but to FEEL where their money is going… vs. just having it automatically deducted…
    On a more important note… ya know I’m behind ya miss ritz 😉

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