Cause It’s Funny

Actual quotes from my apartament tonite:

**Backstory, we were listening to/watching “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” by the Police on youtube.**

“Wendy, this song is for you.”

“Did you just say squirtle?”
“That’s not a word.”
“It’s a pokemon.”

“Wait 5 years and you can marry her.”
“And she’s home schooled.”
“Oh, so you can marry her at 16!”

“After that initial pee-on-you episode, i think he likes you.”
“That’s usually the effect I have on people.”

“There are special homeschool laws.”
“Tell me your favorite homeschool law.”
“Well there was this big debate about cussing and tobacco.”
“Did you get a birds and the bees talk?”
“No, that’s what cartoons are for.”
“Really you didn’t get one?”
“Everything you need to know about the birds and the bees is in the world book encyclopedia.”

::discussion about stephen’s bad dream::

“My arm was like a black avocado bowl….”
“My dream was that my parents agreed to by the wedding dress….but then they shot you and me at the wedding. They killed us. Just us, they were very specific.”

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