Unforeseen Kiss

“And Heaven meets Earth like an unforeseen kiss
My heart beats violently inside of my chest
I don’t have time to maintain these regrets
When I think about the way He loves us.”

The song He Loves Us (made famous in America by David Crowder, performed by many) is about God’s for us- how great and grand and mighty and overtaking. Most of the Christians I know who have heard the song appreciate, if not adore it. My favorite part, right now, is the line “Heaven meets earth like an unforeseen* kiss.”

Have you ever had one of those? An unforeseen kiss? I have, only once…almost.

I mean, I’ve had kisses I didn’t know were coming: pecks on the cheeks or forehead of sweet affection, or sloppy grossness from men who didn’t give me a chance to protest, but that’s not what I picture when I hear “unforeseen kiss.” When I hear those words, I think of the following story.

I once dated a man who had never kissed anyone. Not one particularly created with a pause button, I was relatively convinced beforehand that kissing should be left for engagement or marriage. Dating him, we agreed. So no kissing. (Which, by the way, is actually not an effective tool at purity. You need much more than a “no kissing” clause.)

Anyway, so I’m out with sweet man on a fun little date at a local cafe. I can’t remember what we ate, just that we had gotten into a very playful mood (i LOVE to play) and we just sort of organically started playing a little game of hide-and-seek outside of the restaurant when I ducked around a corner and stopped- totally distracted by the GIANT BEAUTIFUL moon that was perfectly framed by the little empty parking lot into which I had inadvertently stumbled. The man, calmly and quietly pursuing me (doesn’t that make hide-and-seek a little more fun, when you KNOW they are coming for you, but they’re quiet about it?) turned into the lot and had the same reaction. The moon was just that beautiful.

So we stop, having hidden, been sought, and found, and turn to go back to the truck (Every story is more romantic when you’re going back to a truck rather than car) and he reaches for my hand and starts kinda twirling me, dancing a bit. This is even more significant because he wasn’t much of a dancer, usually. So we’re walking/dancing to the truck, laughing at such a fun night and I decide to turn around, go back to look at the moon. But something happened. I don’t know if, at that moment, he was going to twirl me a different way or…what, really.

But all of a sudden we aren’t just holding hands, he’s spun me into him and we’re face to face, maybe an inch from each other’s mouths, laughing and breathing in and oh….

We didn’t kiss. We got absolutely drunk (literally dizzy in a way that had nothing to do with the twirling) off the unforeseen moment, turned our heads, and hugged. It was beautiful and so powerful that we had to take some time, just standing there, recovering.

The moment just before, we cared about each other. We enjoyed each other, we were having fun, playing, and even serving each other. But in that moment, with so little space between our faces, it was as though there was very little between our souls.

And there we were, standing in a moonlit parking lot, souls inadvertently bared to each other, no time or knowledge to conceal or prepare, just an overtaking of passion and for lack of a better word, electricity. Like cold water and a sudden, longed for, wine-flavored breath. Like the most exhausted sleep and the brightest wake, all at once.  You can understand, I’m sure, that though we were blessed with the sense NOT to indulge in the moment, it still had it’s effects. It was probably a minute before breathing was back to normal and we could finally trust ourselves to pull out of the hug (the only thing keeping our mouths away from each other).

It was an absolutely magical moment. The kind that defies logic and description but still makes a powerful story. The kind that reminds me of the Lord. Because had we actually kissed that night, I would have kissed that man for a long, empassioned, wild and untempered time.  I would have been completely overtaken.

Like when heaven meets earth, and the Father takes a heart of stone and casts it away in favor or a heart of flesh. Like when he calls us in our lifeblood and calls us to growth, growing us to a time for love. And we are left helplessly affected, unable to overcome the passion and magic of His unforeseen kiss.

*some versions have the lyrics “sloppy wet” which is also good, but you get why i like this one better.

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