Shalom is the Hebrew word for peace. In America, in English, the common conception of peace is a lack of war.  But, like Mark says in RENT, “The opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation.”

At church (work, home) our pastors emphasize that shalom didn’t mean what “peace” usually means to us. It carries a connotation of creation, harmony, a beautiful blessing and flourishing of all things.

Tonight, i will go to sleep with a little tummy ache, and with a feeling of otherwise perfect shalom.

See for the past bit, i’ve been blessed in about every way outside of the blessing of hardships.  C, the ex of so much confusion, has been blissfully himself around me lately. (When he’s himself, everything else is just a little bit better. ;))   I’ve gotten to hang out with or reconnect with a ton of those who mean so much to me. And by no virtue of my own, God has decided to communicate through me love, encouragement, and peace to those around me. I’ve heard from Him in every moment.  I’ve FELT Him with me.

If there were some formula, if I’d done something to merit such a thing, I’d tell you what it was. But I didn’t. He just up and decided, in His perfect faithfulness, to love me in these ways.

It’s a moment, a feeling, a season, that I want to remember. I want to mark this down for other times, when He blesses me by being silent. When he gifts me with trials to rejoice in, and when I cannot see His influence through me on anything. Because no matter the circumstance, my God, my Savior, my Lover and King is on my side and no one can be against me. And I just want to remember that.

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