All About the Benjamins

I recently tweeted that I love every Ben I know. And it’s true. I’ve just never met a Ben I didn’t like. There are four right now who I especially enjoy, so I’m going to blog about them.

Sledge- The Ben that introduces me as his “bestie.” How did I find out I was his bestie? About a month after I met him, I kept meeting people who said, “Oh yeah, Sledge (actually what people call him. His last name and roughly what he looks like) told me about you. He says you’re his bestie.”

Okay. Seems like something a man just might say, for a reason I don’t understand but how much do I understand anything men say? Very little. i resigned myself to accept it and move on. I did not, however, expect the man to become the kind of spiritual brother who cares in every appropriate way, and supports me financially (through my internship) spiritually (through prayer) and emotionally (through those phone calls I hate to make, but sometimes have to).  Our relationship is THE example I think of when I picture how siblings oughtta interact. (like, blood ones)

McKown- The Ben I’ve only recently gotten to know but have been crazy blessed with. The least complicated guitar playing man, this Ben is very smart and (i really value this in people) will take the time to sit down and draw diagrams to help me explain things. He will also wear the suit of shame- an ugly white set of disposable painter’s cover-alls- to draw attention to the children’s program- forsaking pride for the sake of the children.

ACE-Barcelona Ben is a world traveler and a consistent brother hell-bent on caring for others joyfully in everything he does. Once, I was ticked at how another dude acted. What did this Ben do? He tagged up with me to develop and acronym based on helpful actions a man SHOULD take in the situation. It was ACE. 🙂

The Marine with the Kind Eyes- Funnily enough, a few months ago Sledge introduced me to his friend, Ben. 😉 Ben has a last name, I’m sure. But I only refer to him as the Marine with the kind eyes. I think they stand out because the man just exudes this quiet, strong, kindness. Like a peace that says, “I’ll be taking care of thing, it’s nice to meet you.” I don’t know him well, just enough to talk theology at the Flying Saucer on the fly, but he reminds me of the definition I once heard for “gentleman.”: having strength enough to handle any situation and maturity enough to not have to use it.

And thus concludes my ode to Bens.  Because I appreciate them.

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