Over the last two nights, I read, out-loud, the book Clementine by Sara Pennypecker.

To a child. Of course.

But I would, for the record, have read it even if Teresa hadn’t been making her “I’m going to hope Miss Ritz doesn’t notice we’ve been reading WAY longer than 15 minutes” face. It was a cute book. You can read a mom’s review of it here. For my dos pesos, I can say this:  if you enjoy doing voices and characters while reading aloud, this is a funny book written from a kid’s perspective, and it only has a few characters (Clementine plus her best friend and family) so it’s not hard to keep track of the voices. (Cause when I use the mom voice for the teacher, Teresa notices. And is not happy. 😉 )

Sidenote- thankfully, though  it’s narrated by an 8 year old, this book doesn’t have the typical improper grammar that drives me crazy (although it DOES have some pretty creative vocab- a plus in my world).

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