Gag Reflex

I have a pretty strong gag reflex. I know this because I’m adamant about brushing my tongue and if I do it too quickly…. it makes teeth brushing a MUCH longer process.

Also, I went to see Prince of Persia with the room mate/ soul twin and some other peeps recently.

Unrelated? Maybe in your world. But not in mine, a place where i INVOLUNTARYILY HISS OR GAG whenever I see a romantic moment being played out in the media I am consuming. As in the sound that says you’re really exhausted/put out by a situation. Yep. Made that. Out loud. About 11 times during the movie. Poor soul twin had to say, “Are you going to do that every time?” I didn’t even realize I was doing it. Then when I DID realize I was doing it, I couldn’t stop.

I forgot about this because I don’t watch much TV lately, but I did it again on Monday when i watched A-Team ($5 movies. holla!) and finally tonite while watching some Disney crap where everyone ends up happy in the end.

Now this is a fun new development. Not only has the queen of rational (crazy, yes, but always with clear reason) become a love-torn fool, but I HISS AT KISS SCENES IN MOVIES.

So romantic. VOM.

Can’t WAIT to see what I do at the Twilight premiere.

(I want to be Team Jacob. Desperately. But I’m just.not.that.woman anymore. I am, reluctantly…)

Team Edward.


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