The Happy I Didn’t See Coming Pt 1

Three or four nights a week, I work late. So three or four nights a week, I don’t even get a chance to start unwinding until 10 or so.

Suffice it to say that this week I was up a LOT of hours, early mornings and late nights every day. So by Thursday night, I was really worn down. But in order to take a half day Friday and join my friends at the river, I REALLY needed to get some reading done. I walked into my apartment not knowing what would be going on there and thought, “I’m just tired. All I really want to do is drink coffee and snuggle and discuss the magnitude and examples of God’s greatness.” Those were the exact words of my thought, because I was JUST about to tweet them and I remembered I’m friends with some creepers, and didn’t want to put out an invitation to snuggle.  (That’s called discernment and it comes from Jesus and I don’t always have it.)

When I walked in, my room mate and her fiance were hanging out. Which is GREAT, and also not conducive to me getting any reading done.  So I decided to go to a coffee shop.

I walked in and sat down and snuggled reluctantly in to conquer the world one page at a time.  About 10 minutes into it, I look up and to the right and see one of the people most dear to my heart. I am immediately torn between my two options:

  1. continue diligently on. My friend is facing the other direction and has likely not seen me. I’ve got a LOT to do and it WILL NOT get done if I take friendly action.

I choose, surprisingly (if you don’t know the magnitude of what the Spirit is doing in my life) option one, negotiating with myself that if I leave before they do, I’ll say something on my way out.

I work for about 30 more minutes and finally just feel myself being too distracted to learn. So I put down my book, close my eyes, and pray. “God, if you want us to talk, please just send them over here. And they don’t come, I’ll know, I’ll know that you just didn’t want it. Because they are facing the other way and there are lots of people here and I’m being still and silent and could, therefore, be really easily missed.”

And when I opened my eyes, voila! There were GONE.

I’ll tell you the rest tomorrow. 😉

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