Tuesday Night

My church has a thing called “First Tuesday Prayer” where/when we gather together to pray, be lead in worship, and hear some specific preaching on the subject over which we’re praying.

But this Tuesday, even though it’s the first Tuesday, we aren’t hosting it. Plenty of very good reasons. And no big deal…

except that i get this FANTASTIC text from my mom yesterday: “Hi baby, this coming Tuesday is our worship together day. Is it a date? I am so excited. Love u.”

And so, because I like my “worship together” days with my mom and my friends, I’m inviting everyone to Mueller Park (North side of Airport Blvd between Wilshire and Zach Scott) at 7:30-8:30 Tuesday, July 6th, for prayer and worship and communion.

We'll be as close to here as possible, where ever the most shade is.

There is a fantastic playground for kids  and open areas to hang before and after. I’d love if you can let me know you’re coming, (so i know how much bread and juice to bring) but feel free to just show up and bring friends. God’s sorta in the habit of multiplying supplies to fit needs.

Bring: Yourself, some sunglasses, bug spray if you use it, and a blanket.

We’ll have: People, communion, worship, and someone teaching on something. 😉

I’m STOKED.  leave comments as RSVP and questions if you have any.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Night

  1. I want to come but I have dinner at 6:30. I’d like to know how late you’ll be out there. I’d also like to have your phone number, and for you to have mine. So i’ll DM you on twitter.

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