The Happy I Didn’t see Coming Pt 2

If you’ve ever prayed a prayer of “if you want this, then I’ll take it,” and then IMMEDIATELY had the thing (which you didn’t really want, but pretty much just put out there because you knew you were supposed to) happen, you know exactly how I felt at that moment. I didn’t REALLY want to NOT talk to this person, I just wanted to be obedient, to put it in God’s hands… and then have it work out like in my wildest dreams.

So I close my eyes again, and repent. And when I open them, I notice that though the person is gone, their journal was not. Uhm….

I decide, convicted and a little embarrassed, that the solution is to tuck my happy self into the corner of the couch, and keep to the reading. Which was actually very effective because of my line of sight was limited to just my book and my computer…

which is why i am pretty surprised when all of a sudden, they appear, RIGHT ABOVE ME, saying something I can’t hear because I’ve left my earbuds in the whole time.

“Oh,” I think. “So God decided to give me the thing I really wanted. Nice of Him.” But it get’s better.

‘Cause then, I spend the next several hours sitting on a couch, holding hands with one of the very most dear people I know,drinking coffee, talking about the magnitude and examples of God’s greatness.

Psalm 40 tells me that God puts the songs in my heart and my mouth that praise Him and tell the stories of what He’s doing so that many will know him.

Well let me tell you my friend, I pray that you’ll get to know God. That He is big and Mighty, and here and personal, and He hears you when you say, “I’m just tired. All I really want to do is drink coffee and snuggle and discuss the magnitude and examples of God’s greatness.” Even if you aren’t talking to Him and don’t expect him to give you all that you really want.

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