Baby Bobcat

I still feel like I’m too young to go to grad school.  Or not too young, so much as “not grown-up” enough. I’m not sure what a grown up is, but I think you should be one to go to grad school. Cause in my mind, grad school is pretty high-falutin’.  I may have been the first person in my family to finish a university degree. I will most certainly be the first in a graduate program.  (I think Stacy is applying for one, or maybe starting one soon… but that girl was head cheerleader AND a marine. I’m not up-to-snuff with that business!)

It’ a little scary.

It’s not scary to learn, it’s not scary to go to class. I like those things. I like reading and I’m much better at school than one might assume. But it IS scary, in my mind, to think of what this could imply about my future. Like that I could be held culpable for what I do with the blessing of grad school.

After all, of him to whom much has been given, much will be asked. And I think He’s gonna ask me to church plant.

3 thoughts on “Baby Bobcat

  1. I don’t KNOW, but remember when we had that commissioning service two months ago? Since that day, I feel like God’s been whispering visions of church plants in my ear. Nothing definite, nothing now, but one of those “Just starting thinking about it,” kind of things. I’ve had friends talk to me about trainings, ask me to pray about joining them in the future, and it just keeps coming up ALL THE TIME!

    It’ll be fun to see what happens.

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