Math- Good News via Numbers

I just really wanted to let you know that  with the new donors who have signed on since online donation became available, I am now HALF WAY to my full fundraising goal and already above what I needed to meet my budget and cut back on some out my outside work.

Get it? It spells "wow" 🙂 (featuring my new birthday blingyring - thanks hank and jess!)

So that means

a)I have $705/month coming in. HALLELUJAH!

b) if just 35  more people gave $20/month, I’d be DONE! (Or 7 gave $100. Or 70 gave $10.)

c) I now have the freedom to choose or reject jobs according to the demands of the rest of my schedule. No longer bound by financial burden, I can take greater joy in the work I choose and have more time to pour into school (something I’ve been sadly neglecting).

Thanks so much for your prayers, your donations, and your love!

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