Not Like F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

The intern apartments are so fun. I love my roommates. I love the people in the apartments across from and next to me.  I enjoy coming home to open doors and the neighbrothers hanging out on the porch. I even like our ikea furniture. (Admittedly, I’m not that hard to please.)

When I describe the situation to people, how close we all live and how much time we spend together, they often say “It’s like Friends!” (the TV show).

To which I respond: NO! It is NOT like Friends, the morally questionable (at best) merry-go-round of dating neighbors.

It’s like college. Where people are in classes together and hang out in the same places and …stuff.

So much like college, in fact, that we live as close as I lived to people in the dorms. Here, look:

Everyone say, "Hi, ben."

That’s a picture of the guys’ entrance. From ours. And here’s what I can come home to at any given point.

Josh playing Ben's guitar(that lives at my place), Ben playing Josh's, on my couch.

Being an intern, as Daddy would say, “Ain’t half bad.”

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