A Dream Come True

If you spend anytime over at my “everything else” blog, you know I just did a series titled “You’re the Only One I’m Dreaming Of.” Though similarly named, this has nothing to do with that. But it’s still good, so keep reading!

Once a month, the first week of the month, TASCC has what we call “First Tuesday.” Simply put, it’s an opportunity for the entire body, whoever elects to join, to come to one place at one time and worship in song, prayer, and communion. It’s BEAUTIFUL.  This is when baptisms happen. This is when we celebrate, party, give our all. We try to live every moment like this, but if I were to describe differences, I’d say during the week, our worship is usually through our work, our tasks. Sundays, for most of the body, is when we worship through service (like helping with welcome team, ushering, etc) and by attending service (getting that amazing fill of corporate worship and learning), and on First Tuesday we come (metaphorically!) naked, bawling (often literally) on our knees or face to just let ourselves be with the Father. Intimately, with NOTHING in the way.

All of that is a very churchy way to say First Tuesdays are special. God moves differently (not more or less or better or worse) at these events. And it’s an amazing thing to be a part of.

Well, you might have guessed, children aren’t all about the corporate hour of worship, baptism, and prayer. So we provide childcare!  Which means it’s an amazing thing that childcare workers don’t get to be a part of.

This has bothered me for years. Literally, since I came on staff and saw that most months, we have the same workers, meaning they never get to go. And since I administrate all childcare now, I haven’t been for months, and won’t get to go until at least next September. I won’t sugar coat this: It makes me sad. I’m SAD that I don’t get to be a part of it. I’m the okay kind of sad that says this is where God has called me but I do miss this great thing.  So I’m even sadder that our childcare workers don’t get to. Not the okay kind of sad. The “I’m going to do something about this,” kind of sad.

Or I was.

I so mourned the inability of workers to worship together and take communion in this setting (TASCC doesn’t take communion every week. You can hear our beliefs on that here.) that two nights ago, I did what I usually do when I have a problem:

I prayed and I asked my friends for help. Stephen, the KidStuff Worship intern, volunteered to lead worship. (Even though he’d been at work all day, wouldn’t get paid for the extra time, and had already lead worship that morning.) The Giraffe, (I try to NOT use names on blogs. Staff members are exceptions. The Giraffe is a friend of mine) who recently mentioned he was pursuing the  idea of vocational ministry, got voluntold to Adminuster communion, meaning lead the people in prayer and through scripture so they could prepare their hearts. (Even though I gave him about 4 hours notice. And even though he was certainly not getting paid at all.)

All of this is a very long and churchy way of saying:

It happened. We started at 6pm (45 minutes before kids got there) and those who were able to join gathered in song, prayer, and communion. It was beautiful to see not only hearts raised up in praise to God, but how differently those hearts (my heart!) responded to the kids that night.

And you were a part of it too! You’re prayers and contributions and emotional support – they all enable me to do things like this. To, little-by-little, help a good program of childcare turn into something more God-centered and God-honoring. To take care of the volunteers and workers. You were part of this. So thank you. Because…

It was truly a dream come true.

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