The Necklace

Weeks ago, a friend mentioned that she really wanted to support me, she just didn’t have room in her budget. So she requested that I blog some ways that someone can support me even if they don’t have “cash” to send.

And I am FINALLY getting around to that. There are a LOT of ways to help me out that don’t involve you doling out money! I’ll be elaborating on each point in the coming series, but a short list includes:

  • ADVOCACY- getting friends and family who can support to “join the cause” so-to-speak. You know more people than I do!
  • Meals – having me over for, or simply providing meals.
  • Anything you have “extra” including but NOT limited to toiletries, groceries, and household items.
  • And one I didn’t think of, but love: accessories.

That last one is only really looosely related, but it got me thinking about starting the series so there ya go.

A friend of mine, a very generous heart who is already financially supporting me, who HATES that she can’t feed me more often, whose family is a quiet but excellent example of Godly sacrifice, had on this GORGEOUS necklace the other day. I commented three or four times on it, not thinking, because I generally lack a filter(not one of my better attributes) and I love her so I pretty much just say whatever I think. She’s good at just rolling with it.


Get it? Roll with it! Oh me. googleimagesearch


But a bit later, she returned, took the darn thing off her neck, and put it on mine. Just because she wanted to bless me, I guess. She said, “I bought it for you. I just didn’t know that when I bought it.” For about .32758 seconds, I contemplated protesting. Then I realized the pattern I had set, looked up at her (enormous and very stern 😉 ) husband, and realized I already lost this fight. So I took it, feeling what others must feel when I give them things they compliment (disconcerted!) and set to figuring out how to rock it. Because I’m awkward and have to figure out just the right way to wear things.



Closer Up. Those blue beads just have me entranced. check out for more of this missional jewelry.


So if you’ve been wrestling with how on earth you can help me run after my dreams and not break the bank, stay tuned for ideas.

And thanks, Lovey, for this new fun pretty thing. It reminds me I am loved.