Household Items

That ugliness above, that banal, obvious title, is the best I can come up with. Because I FORGOT I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF A SERIES ABOUT NON-CASH SUPPORT.


different kind of series, I know


UNTIL I was reminded when one of my room mates got sick and the other washed the sicky-infected stuff and said, “Oh, I should have used her detergent,” and I remembered that we use different detergent and THEN remembered that I’m not sure I have money to buy detergent.

And then I thought of you! HA!

For those of you already supporting me, I am today $100 ahead of where I was a month ago- wow, right?! So that means I’m at $850 a month of the total $1400 goal I set.  And that (well, $584 once you take out tithe and taxes – ouch!) Is what I live off of.  Most of it goes to gas, groceries, and bills, though I am graciously allowed to spend some on other fun stuff (after all, hot water and telephone access are pretty fun) like eating out once a week, or getting a Christmas gift for my sweet compassion friend, Bipin.

Anywhoodles (you can thank my fellow intern and roommate, Jill, for that gem of an expression) back to the detergent.  Now I have this one friend, The Dancer ( which I call her because she dances upon injustice and not for ANY other reason) who gets household supplies for little to no to negative money.  Like she MAKES money on some of the stuff she buys. And that is AWESOME.  But I don’t have the time or skill to do those money-maker deals.


My Discipler says free is her love language.


So she gives some (a lot) of it to me. If my hair is clean or soft, it’s cause she gave me shampoo and conditioner (seriously would’ve shaved it off in August if she hadn’t)! If my apartment smells like yummy apples, it’s because she gave me scented candles (and refills, what what).

She and others have given me far more than that, but you get the point. Got extra stuff? I’ll take it! Money I don’t have to spend….or hair I don’t have to shave off my head because I can take care of it. Below is a list, in case you were thinking, “surely she doesn’t want….” Oh, she does!

  • soap
  • deodorant
  • razors
  • lotion
  • face wash
  • nail polish remover (i just chip it off right now)
  • detergent (obvs)
  • ANY cleaning agent. For ANY material/surface
  • canned foods
  • candles
  • school supplies (i’m particularly fond of colored pens)
  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • ANYTHING else that you get for free or just have extra of

Because I don’t have shame. What I do have is the humility that results from knowing, “I’m only gonna shave if someone gives me a razor. Guess it’s leggings for today!” (happened. yesterday. just sayin’)

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